Communication Difficult

What are you intending?

What are you sending?

What is she receiving?

What is she perceiving?

Shock absorbers now included

Megaphones are standing by.

What is she intending

What is she sending

What are you receiving

What are you perceiving

Shock absorbers now included

Megaphones are standing by.

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Flight to nowhere

At what point on the flight to nowhere do you decide to find joy?  

What class of service are you in and for how long?

On the flight infinite, where are you seated?


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From you?

By you?

By outside?

By inside?

By name, by thing, by experience?

Who are you?

Who  are   you?

Who    are      you?


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Why are you alive

Why are you alive?

To eat another serving?

To find with another partner?

To build another convenience?

To dig into your past?

To manifest the future?

To inhale once more?

To create another being?

To feel another experience?

Why are you alive?

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Behind the obscenities.

You’re still there.  A Gift you didn’t even know you had.

Behind the nastiness.

You’re still there.  With a timeless love.

Abusing your Gift, failing to acknowledge You.

The rare voice, the rare stroke of genius, the rare gift of movement … misused, flaunted, mismanaged, taken for granted…

And then we lose it….

and cry and fight

and surrender

and see You

and say

Thank You.

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Illuminated Tears of Joy

Christian Tears

Filled with Truth and Humility

Jewish Tears

Filled with Truth and Sincerity

Buddhist Tears

Filled with Truth and Honesty

Islamic Tears

Filled with Truth and Devotion

Unseen Tears

Filled with Truth and Dedication

From Your same source they flow

To the same Source


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Word Place Holders



There are times I want to see through you but I don’t know how



You are the brand of every experience and you help me to remember.

But word, place-holder, there are times you keep me from knowing what’s real.  The word becomes more real than the object, instead of the thought, instead of the experience.

The first form of advertising but with a cost far different than currency… words.

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