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How was it possible?  Just yesterday it was all so Divine.  The greens had never been greener.  The energy never greater.  The breath never deeper.    In so little time, it seems everything’s changed.  The exact same landscape.  And then … Continue reading

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Conscious Blob

Conscious Blob Animate Conscious Blob Talk Conscious Blob Come to Life Conscious Blob Dance

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Was it the right choice?  How would you know? Consequence is certain.  Which consequence, uncertain. Regretting the decision to spend so much time on regret. How do you make the right choice? A decision tree, this life… we’ll all meet … Continue reading

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Mouse Experiment

An experiment billions of years in the making His mouse experiment Rewarded and Punished until we get it right Stimulated, Manipulated until we choose the Light Holy Mouse Experiment Pavlov’s Creator, His incubator an electrified maze corridors of reality muscles … Continue reading

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1901 – 1999

1901 99 1901 to 1999 . one cell of history But one cell in history.

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Why 18?

When I was young I wondered Why 18 ? I was ready I was ready Why 18 ? Sound mind Sound body Pure consent No dissent Why 18 ? I was ready And it was good the way it was. … Continue reading

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Anxiety smoking scars next to tattoos sit in the elderly and disabled seats. Poor. Acne piercings with loud headphones play rap and watch with resigned eyes. Poor. Ball caps and sad teeth talk loudly to the overweight. Poor.

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